How About Treating Yourself To A Few Color Tricks for A Fashion Treat

How about treating yourself to a few tricks of the fashion trade just by coloring your wardrobe world in a whole new way? You may be stuck in a black hole or blazing into red hot territory, but if you really want to make the most out of what you wear any time of the year, then use these tips to turn those scary old clothes into “bootiful” new treats.

—Orange is not the new black. Yes, there are some colors that may make you look bigger, and one of them is that Halloween favorite… orange. Just remember that before you and Charlie Brown get too excited about the Great Pumpkin costume. And forget about pink and all its bubblegum smacking friends. Ditto for lime green, yellow and, well…you get my drift…all those wonderful, spooky colors that seem to pop up this time of year. If you want to lose a few pounds, stick to your broomstick and insist on wearing black. It’s always figure flattering, no matter where you fly.

—Put it in neutral. Let’s face it: black, brown, navy and gray are the basics in most of our wardrobes, and these dark colors can be instantly slimming and sophisticated when worn from head to toe. But they can also get a little boring. To liven things up, consider mixing neutral colors in different textures to update separates – lacquered leathers and liquid velvets are two of this season’s biggest treats.

—Get dramatic with color. While wearing all black can be dramatic (especially at this bewitching time of year), consider stepping out of your comfort zone and going even bolder. Red, of course, is this fall’s favorite, and can be stunning in a long, flowing maxi dress (seen at Ralph Lauren). But so can a cobalt blue suit (a la Michael Kors). The darker jewel tones like burgundy, emerald and sapphire are always more figure friendly than acid brights.

—Layer up. Another way to use color to “trick” the eye is to layer lighter, brighter colors on top of darker separates. Wearing darker trousers, tees or sweaters under more colorful jackets and coats creates a slimming illusion that also translates into a versatile “uniform” kind of dressing. Choose a neutral palette of wardrobe basics and add pops of color with statement outerwear.

—Highlight your best assets. Color can obviously be used to your best advantage to flatter your body, no matter what shape it’s in. If you want to downplay the top half, wear darker colors in blouses or sweaters and lighten up on the bottom half; and vice versa to minimize large hips or thighs. And if you’re wearing a belt, make sure it’s in the same color family as your outfit, or you may find yourself cut right in two…a look only reserved for Halloween.

—Print it. Loud prints come by their name naturally. You can see those huge, tropical flowers coming two blocks away. And this year, there are lots of floral and animal prints, sizzling stripes and plaid patterns vying for our attention. For most of us, it’s best to pick a print that’s small in scale on a dark background for the most flattering results. Leave the huge orange and yellow tiger prints for Halloween.

—Channel Mother Nature. When in doubt about what colors “go” with other colors in your closet, just look outside. There is plenty of inspiration wherever you are…the undulating blues and greens of the ocean, the reds, golds and greens of autumn leaves and the pinks, reds and purples of early sunsets. There’s not a better teacher than Mother Nature herself when it comes to creating color combinations outdoors that you can treat yourself to everyday.

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