Popularity of eyebrow threading

Visit any spa or salon — or even take a walk through the mall — and there is a good chance you will come across practitioners of eyebrow threading. The popularity of threading has grown so quickly that many people may wonder about its origins and benefits.

Eyebrow threading is an ancient art that is believed to have developed in the Middle East. Threading was part of many different cultural rites of passage. Iranian women would have it done across their entire faces, removing all peach fuzz. Their eyebrows would also be shaped, giving them a precise look. These procedures were generally reserved for women that were about to be married or reach adulthood.

In North America, threading has become more commonplace in recent years — growing from a relatively obscure grooming technique to one popular in many salons.

Threading must be done by an experienced professional. A cotton thread is twisted around the hairs set to be removed and then tugged. Hairs are pulled out at the follicle level. Because entire rows of hairs can be removed at the same time, it is easier to get straight, more distinctive lines than with tweezing.

Threading has many advantages. When handled by an experienced stylist, eyebrow threading is essentially painless and less damaging to the skin than waxing, which tends to pull at the delicate area around the eye. Waxes may cause skin irritation or even burn if improperly applied.

Threading removes these risks and is done more slowly to achieve precise results. Because threading targets only a few hairs at a time, it’s less likely to cause unsightly red patches of irritated skin, which can happen after waxing. Threading is also hygienic because nothing but clean strands of the cotton come in contact with the face. Those with sensitive or aging skin find threading is less likely than waxing to cause wrinkles or skin pulling.

Women often find that threading is also effective at removing stray hairs on the chin and upper lip also. It is very reasonably priced. Salons or free-standing threading kiosks charge roughly $6 for a standard session.

Threading is poised to become one of the most popular methods of facial hair removal. Its inexpensive cost and few side effects draw women to it daily.

CAPTION: Women are increasingly turning to threading as their method of eyebrow shaping.

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